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Thread: Fly Geyser/Ranch + Lake Tahoe

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    Re: Fly Geyser/Ranch + Lake Tahoe

    Tuan, take Hwy 4 south of Tahoe back down to the bay area. Mosqwuito lake at the top of the pass is a great place. Just can't do it right now unless there is no snow.

    I live right by Fatali and know most the people who do his darkroom work. What Fatali says in his gallery and talking up his work and what he actually does are two different things. He takes his shots, scans all of them, then makes digi negs. He manipulates them via the computer, then half the time will ink jet print them. This is not told to the people who buy his pictures. to them there are no filters, no digital anything, and they are all wet darkroom printed. He found people would pay more for the traditional prints. So he flat out lies about his process. He is not well like here abouts. Not only did he try to lie his way out of setting the delicate arch on fire, but he has been known to cut down trees on peoples property if he doesn't like them in the shot. I could go on, it is a long list of things the locals here know he does.

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    Re: Fly Geyser/Ranch + Lake Tahoe

    Jim Bridger tol me bout them geezers, with all three of em goin off together, but I knew he was a'lyin. Thur an't no sucha thang.
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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    Re: Fly Geyser/Ranch + Lake Tahoe

    Hallo again,

    is anyone able to update me with new information about access to Fly Geysir ?

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