I have just read the thread on the proposed BTZS article in View Camera and despite the fact it seems to be closed I have a couple of comments.

I'm in the USA now for a month shooting BTZS, it is my chosen method because it works.

The idea of an article is excellent and I do support the concept but even though I understand the system very well I didn't devise it and wish to make this following point.

I recall watching or reading [jet lag] an article on Ansel Adams where it was Ansel Adams personally who explained his system of exposure back in the 60's or 70's in the article.

He was the source. Phil Davis is the source for BTZS and as such Phil is more capable than anyone to comment on the way his system works.

Surely you as a magazine editor would at least try to get Ansel Adams to advise on the technical of his system if it was possible?

At least get Phil involved as your technical advisor. I have spoken to him from australia and he has always been more than helpful.

I could personally write you a comprehensive article with images from my perspective but, and this to me is a big but -- if I use incorrect "language" to describe some aspect of the process I could inadvertantly add to an interested person's confusion on a very worthwhile subject. I know BTZS very well but I now use the WinPlotter and ExpoDev software.

As for a parade of images, that won't really satisfy any serious photographer. The system is devised to provide a photographer the ulimate in consistent image control with a totally repeatable process regardless of the medium [silver or alt process]. Please don't lump BTZS as just an exposure system, it isn't. BTZS is a complete image production tool based on measured sensitometory to provide amazing consistency.

This issue carries a lot of passion and the debate is often fuelled by half knowledge or no knowledge of BTZS.

Initially BTZS has a steep learning curve but only because you need to learn to think the way the system has been devised. I had to do exactly the same when I first used and tested the Ansel Adams zone system.

BTZS and for that matter the Zone system are not however a salad bar where you pick and choose the bits you want. If you do that you will join the ranks of suck and see photographers complaining either of the systems don't function --- "for me".

Please Steve, in fairness at least [if you haven't already] involve Phil Davis. Ansel Adams, Fred Picker, Minor White and Phil Davis are authourities in their field and all lend weight to the discussion.

I do wish you success with the article and hope to be able to read it.