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Thread: Film Loading for Dummies

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    Re: Film Loading for Dummies

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Kefford
    Your pic shows the darkslide only partially withdrawn. Is this how you load the film? If so, do you not get scratchs on the emulsion?

    That was just to show where the notches should be. I've never had any scratches on the emulsion, but plenty of bad shots
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    Re: Film Loading for Dummies

    I always removed my darkslides to load. They have little bumps on one side to let you know which side is which.

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    Re: Film Loading for Dummies

    I always set up my holders empty, but set with the unexposed slide out. I pull the slide open about an inch or two, holding the holder in my left hand (I'm right handed). I open the flap and locate the end of the film guide with my index finger, and holding the film in my right hand, put the end of the film into the holder and slide it in. I use the index finger of my right hand to make sure that the film notch is in the same position as in the photo from So Cal Dave. Many times I have to load the film in a changing bag or a very cramped and dirty bathroom or tent in the field. I usually do not have the luxury of putting anything down until it goes into the backpack.
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    Cool Re: Film Loading for Dummies

    I have found that getting the film in, with a little practice is the easy part, getting it out is another matter. I have discovered that a thin guitar pick held between the thumb and fore finger makes the task almost trivial. Just slide the tip of the pick between the film and the holder until the film wedges itslef between the pick and your thumb and then slide it out. For those who are finger nail challenged this works great.

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