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Thread: Camera Events in NYC

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    Camera Events in NYC

    Several questions for the group, particularly those in the NYC vicinity:

    Question 1: Of course, I'll always check the events / announcements board here, but does anyone know of a site that has a pretty comprehensive list of LF or other photo events in NYC? I have a feeling that there's a ton of stuff out there that I'm missing.

    Question 2: Are there any LF camera "clubs" (formal or otherwise) in NYC or in the northeast that people find fun or interesting?

    Question 3: There's a ton of "workshops" out there that entice people to pay a lot of money to hang out and take photos with each other. There's nothing wrong with that, really, but such things can probably be done for free too. My point being, is there anyone else in the NYC area that would be interested in meeting up somewhere this fall to shoot LF? Maybe hang out in Central Park, burn some film, invade some place for lunch, and just have a fun day of it? There's no charge for this one...


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    Re: Camera Events in NYC

    1. There are numerous incidental announcements, but I've never encountered a compilation of photographic events.

    2. There are a few groups, but AFAIK, all are very loosely organized. There is a group of folks in Massachusetts that get together under the auspices of APUG. They tend to congregate around Valley Photographic Center in Springfield. There is another APUG group in New Jersey that gets together occasionally for outings, and I believe that there is a similar group down in Baltimore. I have also heard of a few very informal groups - just groups of friends who get together occasionally on outings.

    3. Ask and see what happens.

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    Re: Camera Events in NYC

    We've had a few NY/NJ get togethers organized through APUG. Whenever the APUG Traveling Portfolio passes through town, I usually organize a gathering at my place. We've also met up to shoot photos at Asbury Park, the Cloisters, and I think there have been a few others that I haven't been able to attend. There are a few folks in New Jersey who are trying to do this in a more organized and regular way, but most of these meetings have been set up informally. If you want to propose something, start a new thread in this forum--

    For current gallery shows, I usually use the photo listings in the _Village Voice_.

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    Re: Camera Events in NYC

    The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey has a variety of photo activities. Their phone is 908-273-9121. They are about 25 miles outside of NYC.

    steve simmons
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    Re: Camera Events in NYC

    You can go start one on

    But, those peeps from are....

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