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Thread: Soligor Digital Spot Meter

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    Soligor Digital Spot Meter

    I've just received the B&H tome (yes, it's a tome) in the mail. I've been tryin g to determine which spot meter to buy. In the tome, they have the usual array of meters including the Pentax Digital Spot meter.

    They also have a digital spot meter from Soligor for about half the price. The basic specifications seem quite similar. Has anyone played with (or using) a So ligor Digital Spot meter for Zone System work? If so, how well does it work for LF applications?

    Thanks, Robert

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    Soligor Digital Spot Meter

    I own an older digital Soligor Spot meter and have found it to be a very good me ter. However, I have also found that I prefer a non-digital meter for Zone Syst em work, which I do 70% of the time. I like to see displayed by dial the whole range of possible exposure combinations on one place rather than having to figur e in my head other combinations based on a given single digital exposure from th e Soligor. For field work, I have been using a Gossen Luna-Pro SBC with the 3 d egree spot attachment, and this works very well. I have modified the Gossen to show me the ten Zone steps in relation to an indicated exposure. The Soligor that I have also has a flash meter which I find invaluable for studi o work whan I can't reach through a set to take an incident flash reading with a n other meter.


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    Soligor Digital Spot Meter

    I bought one about a year ago, but have not been using it a lot. It seems sturdy , but has a 6 month warranty(sp?). A nice case is included. It uses a standard 9 volt battery available every where It is simplcity personified. Place the spot, press the trigger, and the needle moves on the scale. Pick EV, set the EI and you get a set of shutter speeds on d ials arround the lens. There is no warm up as with the pentax digital. It is e asy to follow changes on the scale as you move the spot. Soligar has absolutely NO snob appeal!

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    Soligor Digital Spot Meter

    Does anyone have a manual for a Soligar analog or Elicar analog spotmeter?

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    Soligor Digital Spot Meter

    I've been using the Soligar analog spot meter for quite a while. Like Britt, I appreciate the ability to scan the dial for all possible settings rather than having to fiddle with the meter or do calculations in my head. I just work faster that way. My Soligar's been very reliable and accurate, and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone. It doesn't have the cachet of the Pentax name, but it's a good workhorse meter that's easy to use and seemingly bulletproof. And cheap to boot!

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