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Thread: Web Sites - Protecting our displayed images?

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    Re: Web Sites - Protecting our displayed images?

    If I were REALLY worried - for whatever reason - about having a public image 'stolen' (there's also no point in protecting something unless you also print a copyright statement on the image or next to it) - is very simply this. Edit the jpeg header to contain copyright information. Or create a footer - and this way if you find your image being used unfairly - well, not only do you have your original film, but you can just open the image with Word or whatever text editor and then - voilą! There's your name. Of course, this will only work with direct copying. The info would be lost via screenshot. But if you keep the image freely copiable - nobody's going to bother with the screenshot and your information will stay with the image.

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    Re: Web Sites - Protecting our displayed images?

    For me, I don’t worry about. I have used all the different ways to make it difficult, but in the end, I just post a low res images and if they steal it I don’t worry about it because if they want the real print they have to buy it.

    Just my opinion only...

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    Re: Web Sites - Protecting our displayed images?

    Btw, no hard feelings for anyone: your pics may not be as valuable as you think.

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