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Thread: Wisner Camera Factory?

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    Re: Wisner Camera Factory?

    Quote Originally Posted by sepstein17 View Post
    any suggestions of a generic-type manual or literature to begin this trek?
    You really do not need one. Sit down and play with it and you will figure it out in no time at all.

    Camera back locks in the vertical position. Front standard folds down into itself.

    Bring the back standard into the front standard and see where the bellows "center" and there will likely be a reference mark for this position in the inside of the front standard.

    Locking knobs and focus knobs will be self evident as will all of the other view camera movements.

    There are many resources for general view camera use and applications.

    Dive in and have a good time and don't worry about making mistakes.


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    Re: Wisner Camera Factory?

    If you mention your general location, perhaps there is a forum member in your area, who can show you the ropes, as they say.

    Sometimes, all it takes is another person, in person, and 5 minutes time.

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    Re: Wisner Camera Factory?

    The main issue with Wisners as I remember from mine is opening and not messing up the bellows by sliding them forward before lifting them out. I sold it years ago so can't go through it from memory unfortunately.

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    Re: Wisner Camera Factory?

    Leslie Stroebel " View Camera Technique" or Steve Simmons View Camera book. Go to the chapter on View camera movements and do the set ups as shown in the book.
    Richard T Ritter

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    Re: Wisner Camera Factory?

    If you really want a Wisner manual, go here:

    good luck.


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