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Thread: Dating a Ries tripod

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    Dating a Ries tripod

    I know I am setting myself up for a joke with the title of the thread.

    How would one go about determining the age of a Ries large format tripod? Would the head or leg model numbers be a clue or perhaps the finish of the wood or cast components?

    I have one that was made in Hollywood, CA but am unsure of when the company moved to Washington state.

    -francis schanberger

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    Talking Re: Dating a Ries tripod

    Always make sure the Ries is over 18-years old. 21 if you want to go out for drinks.

    Why not call Ries, or send them an e-mail? I've always found them responsive.

    But if it is 70 years old, the year they started making them, perhaps going beyond dating and starting a family is out of the question. HA!

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    Re: Dating a Ries tripod

    He must like the tall "model" types.

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    Re: Dating a Ries tripod

    I think it's an Ries in my Avatar - but as you can see, it's got a date...

    (I also think it's illegal in some states?)
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    Re: Dating a Ries tripod

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Long legs............. Gotta love em.

    Jack Flesher

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    Re: Dating a Ries tripod

    I never noticed the tripod, Tim

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    Re: Dating a Ries tripod

    I wooun't worry so much about the age of the tripod - just be sure it comes with a ball head
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    Re: Dating a Ries tripod

    Who's got wood for a Ries these days?

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    Re: Dating a Ries tripod

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Petronio
    Who's got wood for a Ries these days?
    Ries does, and the cast parts too. I have a pre A-100 made in Hollywood and they've supplied replacement parts. Fast service.
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    Re: Dating a Ries tripod

    I dunno guys, those old Reis's are a bit limited for my taste. I tend to go for the more lightweight Gitzo's that have the legs that open up to much wider angles. I like to throw mine in the back seat of the car, although sometimes on the big table in the studio is a good place too, so long as the feet aren't too muddy. Then out comes the old 8x10 and away we go. The bellows have started to sag a bit lately, but the old Rodenstock is as sharp as ever...

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