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Thread: My new baby!

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    Re: My new baby!

    You wouldn't have to worry about groundglass spacing if you use an existing back as a starting point. An 8X10 or 5X7 to 4X5 reducing back could be cut down to fit. (Perhaps I should say 10X8, etc.) This should be simpler and easier than making 1/2 plate filmholders. (Perhaps I should say D.D.S.s)

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    Re: My new baby!

    It's nice and will clean up and look great. I have several, 4, of these type cameras in 5x7 and 8x10 and I took the hardware off and polished it, they buff up easily, and refinished the wood. None of mine were expensive but now they are worth a lot because they are stunning to look at. They are about worthless without the extension rail, I have them for all of mine, and feel lucky. They are pretty low maintenance and sold so have fun.


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    Re: My new baby!

    Ernest, I've seen a few reducing backs on 'bay, but none in the UK right now, and the adapter back that came with the camera doesnt have a ground glass or anything really.

    Turner, that's what I'm planning. It looks old right now, so hopefully I can clean it up nicely. It'll look a mess soon enough after I give it some proper use anyways

    I would have thought the simplest way of using DDS's/filmholders/whatever would be making a 1/2-plate-holder-sized bracket like so (first |_| on image)

    This fills the cavity of a 1/2 plate DDS/filmholder, and the 4x5 holder merely slides into this thing. The film holder can be placed the correct distance, as laying a dark slide in the bracket side by side with a 1/2 plate bracket, both should be the exact same height/thickness.

    Does that make sense?

    so with the 4x5 in the bracket it will look like so (second part of image)

    oversimplified of course

    Aside from that I really would like to either build or source a few more half-plate holders, so shameless plug to anyone with some for sale!

    EDIT: ascii art doesnt want to work - gimme 2 minutes to draw it in photoshop!
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