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Thread: Cams for Horesman VH-R

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    Cams for Horesman VH-R

    I have heard that there is someone who custom makes cams for this long-discontin ued camera.

    Does anyone know who it is and how I can contact him (I am sure at least its a " him")

    Thanks ;-)

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    Cams for Horesman VH-R

    I think the him you're talking about got out of the photo business. I can't remember his name, but it was a guy who lived in the Champagne, Illinois area. I tried tracking him down about a year ago and learned that he has abandoned the photo business. Bob Eskridge [], who participates in this forum, may have some cams lying around -- I would ask him.

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    Cams for Horesman VH-R

    The cams are still on the market, contact Horseman directly via the web site...

    having done so within the last month or so for parts for my VH-R with very positive results..

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    Cams for Horesman VH-R

    I remember that Scott (?) was the owner of Phototype Design in Champaine,Ill. He did all sorts of custom work on Horseman 970 to VH- R cameras. I dealt with him for some time and was always treated with extreme courtesy. His work was of the highest professional caliber. He adapted linhof grips to Horseman bodies and custom- matched cams to any lens. I lost contact with him and now, when I attempt to reach him by phone, it is a diferent number. Does anyone know how to reach Scott? Does anyone know who can make focusing cams for these great cameras so we can utilize all of the fine lenes that are out there? Looking forward to hearing from you..

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