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    Exclude individual Forums

    To allow users to customize their view of the Forum I've made a change to the software so you can exclude almost any Forum from view.

    To access the control, navigate to "My Settings" page using the link in the upper menu bar, then select "Edit Options" and scroll to the bottom of the page. The section is "Forums To Exclude From View". Simply select the Forum(s) you want to exclude and save your changes. Instructions are included.

    This feature will also exclude the selected forums from any "do=getnew" or "do=getdaily" saved search URLs you use. However, in regular search queries and in Advanced search you will get results from the excluded forums unless you specifically block them using Advanced search. FYI, beginning July 1, posts in The Lounge will not be indexed in the local search database, though Internet search engines will continue to crawl all posts in the public areas, including The Lounge.

    You can not exclude the "News" forum, since it may contain important information we need you to see.

    It's still in the experimental stage so let us know if you have problems with it.
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