As an beginner + LF person Id like to throw out an observation for discussion (or possible for someone to tell me Ive be thinking about this too much). I hope this isnt too remedial.

The general concept is that the lens person likes in 35mm will likely translate to its equivalent affinity in LF. As I am thinking more of composition, this rule may or may not hold true for me, and seems to offer more flexibility in com position by reconsideration of this concept. By adding the advantages of better tonality and finer detail in enlargement, the objects a person chooses to empha size may not be the same for the formats and the selection of lenses for the sam e scene in large format vs. 35mm may not be the same.

Let's say that one has a typical scenic vista with a pretty flower to compose a typical near-far photo. In 35mm the choice is obvious to go for the scenic vist a and the flower with a wide angle. But in the background there is the first f all snow on the trees far away. This fine texture of the trees will be lost reg ardless the lens selection in 35mm. But with LF the texture can become a more i ntegral part of the photo by using normal lens which by spatial relation will no w appear closer. The near flower can still be within the focused depth of fiel d by using camera movements. But with the 35mm normal the DOF may not have been sufficient to allow to the near and far to be in focus.

In another case, a prairie butte is reflecting a great sunset. With a 35mm, the tendency would be to allow the butte to be the center of attention with a narro w angle lens. But off to the side is a pretty orange cloud. With a wide angle it can be included in the picture. The 35 will get the pretty orange cloud just OK but the LF with a wide angle will really bring out the subtle colors of the various areas of the cloud and compliment the butte to a greater degree . Again , the lens preference will be different.

Would it be possible that depending on ones person style, that lens equivalents among the different formats may have quite different preferences and become quit e different, even for identical scenes? Any ideas along these same lines you c an offer a beginner +? Thanks. Roger