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Thread: Toyo viewing hood

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    Toyo viewing hood

    I recently bought a used Toyo binocular viewing hood. It has some kind of spring, chain and hook on the side. Anyone have an idea what this is for? Thank you in advance for the help.

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    Re: Toyo viewing hood

    My binocular hood bought on eBay just arrived a few hours ago. The chain and hooks had me stumped; I imagine it's a safety chain, but I don't know where it hooks. I called TOYO, and the tech, a very nice man, made a remark to the effect that that had always puzzled him, too. He faxed me the Toyo literature on the piece, which is quite detailed, but does not mention the chain or show it in the diagrams. If you found out how to use it, please contact me, thanks.

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    Re: Toyo viewing hood

    Perhaps it's for hanging your 4x5 around your neck when you go for walks?
    Michael W. Graves
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    Re: Toyo viewing hood

    I had heard somewhere that the chain and hook was used to hold the viewing unit tight against the camera body but was never able to confirm it and my plea here for help went unaswered. I remain as ignorant as before.
    Dave B.

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