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Thread: Hi, from Florida, USA!

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    Re: Hi, from Florida, USA!

    " . . the Central Florida group may be inactive . . . "

    The Central Florida group is still active though the numbers have dwindled a little. I obviously am no longer active in it since getting to meetings from Oregon would be a little difficult but I stay in touch with some of the members. If anyone is interested in meeting times, location, etc. they can send me a PM and I'll provide information.

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    Re: Hi, from Florida, USA!

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Howk
    "... has a Florida Regional forum (under community) that should facilitate getting together on outings..."
    Thanks for the info! I'll look into that when I move down there.

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    Re: Hi, from Florida, USA!

    Nice to see the Florida crowd. I too am 'new' to LF, well maybe not totally new since I did venture this way about 15 years ago. Have shot MF since and now searching for a way to spend my daughter's college fund on equipment. Live in Tampa. Would love to get together in the keys or glades for a long weekend shoot. Also would enjoy looking at an 8x10 gg someday. Just to look. .
    How can we get a group together?

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    Re: Hi, from Florida, USA!

    The next time I'm headed over your way, I can shoot you an email to let you know and we can arange someplace photogenic to meet so you can see the big(er) screen. If you want to see a movie screen, take a peek at an 11x14!

    - Randy

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