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Thread: Anyone doing dslr on lf?

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    Anyone doing dslr on lf?

    I built my own front end, an adventure in itself, for my Sigma SD10. I have about 12-15cm x and y movements for the camera while the lens remains fixed. I used a bronical tilt/shift/swing/rise\fall bellows front end and the front end of an old B&J orbit on a horizontal rail for the back end. I know some of you were doing this with the studiovision setup for sinar. Is anyone still doing it? I would like to talk with anyone who is.



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    Re: Anyone doing dslr on lf?

    I had a rear end Canon mount that fits in like a film holder....

    Works well, but limited in the amount of stitching since the sensor is very recessed.

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    Re: Anyone doing dslr on lf?

    Yes, I have the same problem. Also limits the min focal length. I can use an 80mm zeiss planar in shutter at infinity but that is about it.

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