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Thread: Hello from Singapore

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    Hello from Singapore

    Hi Everyone,

    New to LF Photography. Just got my 4x5 2 weeks ago and had tried few sheets. The outcome was terrible and horrible. I guess I need to learn more of LF. Hope I could learn something in here.

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    Re: Hello from Singapore

    Welcome to the LF Forum. In addition to the many experienced LFers in the forum, you can find helpful articles via the "LF Home Page" link on the navigation bar.

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    Re: Hello from Singapore

    Yes, welcome to the LF Forum! there's tons you'll be able to learn here- a real treasure trove of information and experience. Now that the forum accepts images posted along with replies, maybe you should scan in and some of your "goofs" for discussion of what went wrong and how to fix it. LF has an initially steep learning curve, but once you get past it, you'll only love it more and more!

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    Re: Hello from Singapore

    Hello from south Florida. Lots of great info and people can be found on this forum.

    A Photo A Day Project:
    My Other Website:

    LF Print Exchange Gallery

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