Some members have asked how to filter things so they get the view they want. Here's how.

To exclude or include specific forums from view, you can bookmark search URLs that allow you to do this. These will be about the same as the Unified View, but filtered as desired.

The forums to include/exclude are listed in the URL as a comma-separated list of forumid's as shown in the examples. You get the forumid from the end of the forum's URL after the "f=".

In the example URLs prefix each with the base Forum home URL "".

To get all posts (&getdaily parameter) in the past number of days: (30 days in these examples)

To get posts since your last visit: (the "&days=" parameter is irrelevant when using "&do=getnew")

You can also change the sort order by including a &sortby=<value> parameter in the url. The <value> can be one of:
  • threadstart (to sort by the time the thread was posted)
  • replycount (by number of replies)
  • views (by total number of views)
  • title (by thread title)
  • forum (by forum name)

Example: Since your last visit, exclude the Lounge, and order the rest in groups by Forum:
<home url>/search.php?&do=getnew&exclude=17&sortby=forum

Feel free to ask here for more examples if needed.