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Thread: Apple's iWeb

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    Apple's iWeb

    Hey Walt,

    If you want the thumbnails to link to something, open the iWeb Inspector. Click on the arrow on the far right. Select whatever you want to use to represent a link, select it, then click on the box "Enable as a hyperlink," and set your link. It's a great program.

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    Apple's iWeb

    The slideshow works fine, it just doesn't pass the validation, which in reality is not going to stop anyone from looking at your photos.

    I am probably going to get ILife myself, it seems like a good solution for things like a website for my daughter's paintings, etc.

    I am not a real web geek, I just like to direct. I can't handcode worth beans and I hire it out. The truth is I make a ton of mistakes with every website I touch...

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    Apple's iWeb


    That's the tip I was looking for. As I work on more personal projects, I wanted to present more than one linked to the on "Projects" page. Trying to keep the levels of pages to a minimum. I have a project of LF and medium format pinhole work shot in Washington DC that I hope to add in the future. Also shooting local rodeo using very long (for rodeo that is) exposures to capture the poetry of the motion. That's violent poetry. Grin.

    You've solved my problem.


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    Re: Apple's iWeb

    Might want to check out the ebook "Take Control of iWeb, iLife '06 Edition" for $10.00

    I've had very good luck with the Take Control series.

    I have iWeb and the above TC ebook but haven't had time to use it.

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    Smile Re: Apple's iWeb

    I beleive iWeb has problems optimising image size, at least it did when I looked at version 1.

    A great program I have used for years now is Freeway, it has just been updated to Version 4 which unfortunately has also given users a few bugs to contend with, but it is still a great program without the complex interface of other similer programs. Comes in two flavours, Express and Pro.

    Check it out at:

    BTW, it is currently a Mac only program.

    Hope this helps


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