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Thread: 120 APO Symmar Usable With 5x7?

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    120 APO Symmar Usable With 5x7?

    I have an opportunity to buy a 120 mm F 5.6 Schneider APO Symmar lens at a very good price. I'd like to use it on a 5x7 camera. The specs for the lens show an i mage circle of 179 mm at F 22, which would be too small for 5x7. However, I'm wo ndering whether the image circle might be large enough stopped down to F 32 or F 45. Has anyone tried this lens with 5x7 or do you know the image circle if stop ped down below F 22?
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    120 APO Symmar Usable With 5x7?

    IMHO the 120mm would struggle to cover the 5x7 format even when stopped down. I have used one on 4x5 but with VERY limited movements, i.e. none at all!!! I may be wrong but I would say a definite NO!! Best of luck Paul

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    120 APO Symmar Usable With 5x7?

    I second the NO vote... I used one in 6x9, and occasionally in 4x5 with very good results, but essentially no movement. I doubt the image circle increases much past f/22.

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