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Thread: The large format journal

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    The large format journal

    I ordered the single Winter issue over 24 hrs ago, and still no download code has been emailed to me.For those who have ordered this, how long did it take to get a download code emailed to you?


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    The large format journal


    I'm glad I'm not alone. I sent them an email as I ordered mine yesterday morning. I still haven't received a password, nor any response to my email. As it is about 5:30pm there Friday, I doubt I'll hear back until Monday morning. Great service.....4 days to get a password for what should be an automated system. Unless they clear this up, it'll be my last issue!

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    The large format journal

    "For those who have ordered this, how long did it take to get a download code emailed to you? "

    I received the code within 24 hours.

    Here is some info about the publication for anyone that is interested. I have the first two issues that I printed so I could read them on the road. The PayPal payment is received by a "Tracy Heaton", and all e-mail correspondence I have received are signed by "Ray" with an e-mail address of: The issues I have already received are in my opinion poorly composed as far as graphic design goes. The type is way too large for my taste as it takes up unnecessary space, but I guess if your intent is to read it on-line only, maybe it is better "bigger". The content is adequate for the money. I paid US $15.00 for a two year (8 issues) subscription.

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    The large format journal

    Well its only $2.50 for the single issue, so I thought I'd give er a try, but not automatically generating a pass code upon payment is weak and has already put a bad taste in my mouth, but who knows maybe it will be worth the wait

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    The large format journal


    this Monday (1st May) is a bank holiday in the UK. Many People take Friday off as well and make a short holiday of it so I wouldn't be surprised if you don't hear anything till Tuesday, especially since we have at last got some warmer spring weather.

    doesn't make up for no automated system but there you have it...

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