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Thread: Calypso Imaging

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    Calypso Imaging

    Has anyone had any luck contacting Calypso in California lately? I was preparing another order for them (my last was a couple of months back) and their website has been down for awhile, and their answering machine says it's after hours....all day long.

    Are they still in business?

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    Calypso Imaging

    Thanks Eric. I hope things are well with them as I've always been happy with their work. That said, a website down for over a week and an answering machine saying it's after hours is hardly good service.

    I'll see how they doing in a week or two. If it's still a problem, my business will go elsewhere.


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    Calypso Imaging

    They were there when I dropped my film off last Tuesday.

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    Calypso Imaging

    If you decide not to use calypso, try West Coast Imaging. Great service, and they are a pleasure to deal with.

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    Calypso Imaging

    Bob Cornelis at, also in the Bay Area, does fantastic work too. He's a smaller shop, very personal service, and top-notch.

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    Calypso Imaging

    Here's a second on Bob Cornelis at Colorfolio. Great work. Very professional.

    I've used Calypso too, but find Colorfolio provides a more personal level of service on the printing side. I still use Calypso for processing color transparency film, however. Their prices and turnaround times are tough to beat.
    "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better." ~ Samuel Beckett

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    Calypso Imaging

    Thanks Chris & Mark. I think I'll give Colorfolio a try. I agree Mark....Calypso has been great and with low prices to boot. I am just not willing to send my sheet film down to them when they don't answer the phone & the web site has vanished. I'd have no way of knowing that my film won't be floating around as lost mail for weeks on end if Calypso had indeed gone belly-up!

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    Calypso Imaging

    " What a drag! Our server has been down for well over a week and you have been unable to view our web site or send us eMail. We hope that we will be all fixed by tomorrow or the next day (Thursday 4/27) and we are moving our server off site and under the management of Yahoo. We do not expect this problem to arise again.

    SBC the "Death Star" of companies has much to answer for and we hope that their Karma catches up with them in the near future.

    We apologize profusely for this inconvenience and will of course extend the current special for another two weeks. We expect to be wading through eMails for the next few days and will get back to you as quickly as we can.


    Joe Levine
    Calypso Imaging, Inc. "

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    Calypso Imaging

    Here's a third thumbs-up for Bob Cornelis and Colorfolio.

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