At the risk of appearing stupid or annoying again in my elementary questions abo ut lenses, I would like to pose another one about telephoto vs normal-design len ses. With all issues regarding bellows-draw aside, do telephoto-design large-for mat lenses produce pictures that look in any way diferent than standard-design l arge-format lenses, in the same focal length, aperature, focus-distance etc? I am concerned primarily with compression of space--and the extent to which each M IGHT differ in the degree and manner of spatial compression it produces, particu larly with respect to the possible differences in depth-of-field between the two lens types, at the same focal lenth, distance-of-focus, and f-stop. Does the te lephoto lens produce greater compression--or more "dramatic pictures" if you wil l--perhaps owing to an inherently shallower depth of field than the normal-desig n lens, in the same focal length, etc--or would the two pictures be indistinguis hable in their "look"-- apart, of course, from the obvious expected differences between manufacturers and lens lines within the same manufacture?

Nick Rowan