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Thread: Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great

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    Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great

    Looks like a MacBook Pro running Wondoze XP is the fastest Photoslop machine these days. So how much is the Adobe CS crossgrade?

    The point being that Adobe may not release a MacIntel optimized version of CS3 for a another year, so in the meantime running CS2 on Windows -- using the new Mac hardware -- may be the best way to go for the next year or so.

    (I know, your disk array, etc. negates the differences and your set-up is better because...)

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    Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great


    I know it is just a typo, I make them ALL the time, but you've got me laughing out loud.

    "fastest Photoslop"

    I guess we all have quickly produced photoslop from time to time. Some say all I have to do is pick up a camera to make photoslop. GRIN.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

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    Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great

    Windoze and Photoslop are correct, not typos! I fix my typos automagically.

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    Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great

    So, is it possible to run XP and OSX side by side on the same MacBook?

    Is it in different partitions?

    If it is possible to run them side by side in some configuration, how difficult is it to switch back and forth? And, is it possible for both to access the same datasets? No executables, of course, but the same documents or data files?

    How does running Photoshop on the MacBook compare to running Photoshop on the most recent PowerBook? Has anyone used both? What's the "CS cross-grade?"

    My interest is in being able to run MS based software in OSX. That is, discard Microsoft altogether. (That does sound sweet!) I understand that Apple's next version of OSX, Leopard, has this as its goal.

    Seeing all the possibilities, it's interesting that Apple didn't make the switch to Intel based processors a long time ago. Just when the whole computer evolution scene was kind of going stale, something like this comes along to liven things up. Excellent!

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    Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great

    A couple of weeks ago Apple introduced "Bootcamp" which allows you to boot in either OSX or XP. You supply the legal XP OS. Runs just like a Sony or Dell... on nicer hardware.

    Adobe has offered "crossgrades" to switch platforms, so you might be able to get a Windows version of CS2 for only $XXX if you already own the Mac version. Hopefully they'll introduce promotional prices.

    Running CS2 apps on a MacIntel Powerbook currently requires Rosetta emulation, which works great but drops the performance down to ~ G4 levels (similar to the performance of Macs of 3-4 years ago).

    Apple's stock jumped with the news, and it is an attractive option to purchase the MacIntel MacBook as they are competitive with other higher end PC laptops.

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    Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great

    Bootcamp became obsolete in about three days. Here's an excerpt from an article that's floating around some of the Mac interest groups about running both Windoze and OSX at the same time:

    "NO wonder, then, that last week, the corridors of cyberspace echoed
    with the sounds of high-fiving when a superior solution came to
    light. A little company called Parallels has found a way to
    eliminate all of those drawbacks and to run Windows XP and Mac OS
    X simultaneously."

    I'd be happy to post the full version here or email to anyone interested.
    "I meant what I said, not what you heard"--Jflavell

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    Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great


    Parallels is virtulization software. So when you are running XP within the Parallels virtualization software, performance will be inherently slower than if there was no virtualization layer. In this case XP is running over top of OSX. Assuming identical hardware, I'm pretty sure that running Photoslop ( like that one :-) ) on XP in Parallels on top of OSX would be much slower than running Photoslop in XP without a virtualization layer. I'd be even willing to bet that it is slower than running Photoslop in OSX under Rosetta (which is in effect a virtualization layer as well - but not virtualizing an entire operating system).

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great

    The overhead in Parallels is supposed to be of the order of 2%, which would make it much faster than running under Rosetta.

    Your 2 cents are over-valued.

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    Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great

    Was in the local Apple Store looking at a quad G5. Word is that the MacIntels are much faster and Adobe is likely to be out with CS3 for the MacIntel late this year or early fall, but before MacWorld. Looking at some very intense plug in for CS2 sold under the name Tone Mapping on another web site, the quad G5 was fast but not blazing. You could see the frames being build on a 200mb file. As most of you know the sales people in these stores are picked from the Apple Users and the Photoshop guy winked and nodded when asked if it would be better to wait for the Quad MacIntel. The killer is the ECC Ram cost per gigabyte.

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    Photoshop on MacBook Running XP Tests are Great

    how fast does microsoft turd run on it?

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