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Thread: EverSmart Supreme and oXYgen Supreme

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    EverSmart Supreme and oXYgen Supreme

    I have got an old CreoScitex scanner (yes, it was given to me for unknown time... long but fine story and I took my old G3 from closet and have installed oXYgen Supreme version 1.1.0 on System 9.2.1... After few days of struggling with SCSI termination, formating of old disks I have now working combination and few questions without anyone to answer. Colleagues which have worked on such combination aren't in the firm anymore, so if some of you have experiences with that particular software (scanner isn't a big problem), I would like to ask for some help. here on forum, or private via e-mail... oh yes, main job for that scanner will be scanning of my 4x5 and 8x10 b&w efke negatives...

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    EverSmart Supreme and oXYgen Supreme


    You might want to post this on

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    EverSmart Supreme and oXYgen Supreme

    Creo (now taken by Kodak) has online tutorials on

    You need to register first to access, then follow the link: product training, web based training, oXYgen, ICC workflows. I never scanned B&W stuff seriously, but I think you should not rule out scanning B&W in RGB mode for smoother tones. It is important to use the format masks, otherwise you will get fogging of the edges to some degree. You should be happy with the scanner, I have the small brother and it's great.

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