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    "Take Care Boys!!!!!! Ursula xx"

    My congratulations to Juergen, Steve, Terrence, and the rest of us who got (as far as I could tell) the first on-line kisses in the history of this forum. And it only took how many years?

    Ursula, we less than three you!

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    Didn't someone offer to kiss Jorge once? Frank...?
    You'd be amazed how small the demand is for pictures of trees... - Fred Astaire to Audrey Hepburn blog

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    Wot are you boys like??!!

    Mark, what does "Ursula, we less than three you! " mean............. if it is a typo I still can't work it out!

    Ursula xx (Here is a couple for you)

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    Ursula- Sorry, it's a computer thing- I've been corrupted by my high school students. "Less than three" in some type fonts makes a little heart: <3 so it's a casual way of saying "we love you!" (hey, you started it with the "xx" stuff...)

    Which also (sort of) explains why I "more than four" dust spots on my negatives. Language is evolving pretty rapidly these days. Used to be just keeping up with the TLA's.

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    Forget the Beatles... Akon seems mroe appropriate:

    "Lonely I'm so lonely,

    I have nobody,

    To call my owwnnn

    Im so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely

    I have nobody,

    To call my owwnnn

    Im so lonely"

    What more can I say... other than "Ursula... you're probably laughing your a$$ off about these guys all the way home to your dear husband".

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    'Less than three' <3 back at you all!

    Today is my last day of work until Tuesday, so Happy Easter to you all............ don't eat too much chocolate!

    Take Care
    Ursula xx

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