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    Hi There

    Does anyone know what the difference between an 'X View' Camera and a 'Super View' Camera?

    Many Thanks for your help.

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    View Camera's

    Hi, Ursula. These appear to be marketing terms or model designations. Sinar, in fact, has an "X" model, a 4x5 monorail design. Depending on the context, "Super" might also refer to what is called "Ultra Large Format" or ULF - usually considered to be something larger than 8x10.

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    View Camera's

    I think the "X" is the one I sold when I got divorced and the "Super" is the next one I'll buy!

    What is the context of your question: brand, size, etc.

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    View Camera's

    Another first time poster asking an equally vague/strange question such as the one posted a few weeks back requesting, "tell me all there is to "no" about photography!"

    Hmmmm! If it smells like fish... it PROBABLY IS fish!

    While we're at it... here's another one...

    So far... they're all one line questions from first and only time posters... no responses back to answers from any of the original posters. You'd think they'd have better things to do than waste everyone's time!

    And, if the questions ARE legitimate.... I'll apologize in advance! But, I doubt they're serious!

    Cheers to all legitimate posters and responders!
    Life in the fast lane!

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    View Camera's

    Henry, if they are trolls then why would they ask such vague questions? I mean there is no punch line here. Take it from me, if I'm going to troll, I'm going to ask a zinger...

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    View Camera's

    This is a link to a feature comparison of the Sinar X and P2 view cameras.

    I don't know what you mean by the term "Super View". If it's from a website, ad or post, could you provide more details so we can place the term in its context.

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    View Camera's


    Perhaps, you're right... it isn't a typical troll type of question. However, as I said, 3 very similar types of questions in the last short while seems odd (to me.) I could be mistaken but I've never seen such vague questions on this site before.

    Anyway, it's just a feeling...

    Perhaps, I shouldn't have stated what I was sensing... but no harm, no foul!

    Life in the fast lane!

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    View Camera's

    Thank you all for your help. I apologise if it seemed vague but I was set a task to find the difference between the two and so that was why I asked the question I asked!

    For those of you who asked why so many vague questions, I fear paranoia! Do people really ask questions like "does anyone know the difference between X View and Super View Camera's?" for a laugh!!!??? I certainly wouldn't find it funny!

    Thank you all for your efforts, however I managed to find the answer to my question from a Camera Supplier. And in case any of you are interested!

    'The x-view and the super HAD refer to the ccd chips used inside the camera. The X-View are the better of the chips hence slightly more expensive in some units.

    Thanks Again

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    View Camera's

    Now, if I could only find that damn chip in my view camera. I always knew that Ansel shot his pictures with a digital camera!
    Ursula, you picked the wrong forum to ask that question! People here use cameras that have not changed much in that past 100 years - no CCDs, nothing automated - not even an exposure meter built in - what you were refering as "View Camera" has nothing to do with our view cameras and the question you asked was wrong. View Cameras do NOT have any electronics in them - obviously you were looking for an answer that related to Movie Cameras in some way.

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    Hi Juergen

    Thanks for your input and by the way "his pictures" ??????????? I am female ........ Has this forum never heard of the first James Bond girl? : - )

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Ursula xx

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