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Thread: Graphic Tablets

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    Graphic Tablets

    What, if any, Graphic Tablets are you using to edit your photographs in Photoshop. I am kind of frustrated with the precision of the mouse and am starting to look into pen-based systems.

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    Graphic Tablets


    I don't edit photos (yet), but I ave recently bought a Wacom Bluetooth tablet in A5 size. Used wireless, it does'nt take long time before it wines for power supply. I have not measured the time, but I end up using the power supply all the time. Apart from that, it's fine.

    Good light -

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    Graphic Tablets

    Hi Juergen,
    The Wacoms are the most popular and proven for Photoshop. I prefer the smaller, less expensive models as the smaller area is faster to cross (less arm movement) and 512 levels of pressure are plenty compared to the more expensive models' 1024 levels.

    If I were trying to "paint" and needed natural arm movement I would opt for the larger, pro models. But for most Photoshop work the smaller 4x5 model is actually better IMHO - much faster.

    The Wacom or any tablet takes some getting used to. I recomend going cold turkey -- put your mouse away -- and force yourself to use it full time. After a day or two you'll be used to it.

    The tablet will make a big difference in the your Photoshop work and they are also great for general work - nicer for the hands too.

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    Graphic Tablets

    I agree with Frank that the smaller size is easier to use for most PS work. I also like the added functionality and "feel" of the Intuous models. That said, I only use mine when super fine control is needed on a small area -- IOW I don't use it very much at all, and probably would not bother buying another one anytime soon if this one broke...
    Jack Flesher

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    Graphic Tablets

    If you are using two screens, I recommend the new 'wide' models of Wacom, they give a little more ease than the models that were designed for a single screen aspect ratio. We use an A5 for a double screen set up, meaning we've divided the tablet in two smaller areas. This can sometimes be a little tight in PS. When only using one screen, I can second the above posters comment on ease of use. Bigger is not better in this case.

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    Graphic Tablets

    A Wacom 6X8 Intuos is a good compromise size for doing fine detail as well as when working with such programs as Corel Painter. It also comes with a mouse for ease of switching interface mode.

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    Graphic Tablets

    I dispensed with a mouse a while ago. I use a combination of a Logitech trackball for mousing-style stuff, and a first generation 4x5 Wacom Graphire for drawing and painting-style activities. These co-exist happily on a desk together.

    The thumb-based trackball looks awkward but is actually very good and intuitive. It puts way less stress on the wrist and hand than a regular mouse.

    I only use the tablet for painting, drawing selections and spotting, but it is very good indeed for these.

    I keep a mouse around for Unreal Tournament, though. Trying playing that with a pen.

    (I'm sure someone has: 'the pen is mightier than the railgun').

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    Graphic Tablets

    "I keep a mouse around for Unreal Tournament, though. Trying playing that with a pen."

    I only played that game with the keyboard. However, I think I've upgraded one too many times and can't get it to work on my system anymore.

    I'm glad to hear that the Wacom tablets are good. I've thought about ditching my mouse at home and getting one of these.

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    Graphic Tablets

    i haven't moved to a wacom tablet yet, but would like to at some point ... my wacom-using friends see my mouse and look at me like i'm some hairy hominid recently thawed out of a glacier.

    how to you wacom veterans use the pressure sensitivity with photoshop? is there any standard set of variables to control with it?

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    Graphic Tablets

    The Wacom Intuos3 is killer, but so is the price. I use it full-time and highly recommend it.

    PaulR: sensitivity and other pen/brush/mouse options are all built into the software. You have lots of control.

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