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Thread: Software for a Howtek D4000

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    Software for a Howtek D4000

    I recently bought a used D4000 drum scanner in very good condition for scanning my 4x5 slides. The big problem is the software, or lack of. I run Windows XP SP2 on the scan-computer but can't find any driver for the scanner. The first thing that can't be alright is the fact that Windows lists 9 scanners. Would be really neat if I actually had 9 but there's only one standing on my table. The second problem are the drivers, where to get them?
    I've searched on the Atzek homepage but only found a new firmware and no drivers for Win XP. I downloaded the Trident Software just to test the scanner, but since I don't own a license for the software, it runs only in demo mode and can't save the file. The scanner works fine under Trident.
    But I'd like to use Silverfast since I used it now and then with a Minolta and Epson scanner and found it really comfortable to work with. But the D4000 demo-version I downloaded doesn't communicate with the scanner, most likely because there are no drivers installed.

    So, calling all D4000 users, what do you use to operate your scanner? Is buying the Trident software the only way to go or are there some drivers/tricks avaliable to get it working with Silverfast?

    thanks in advance
    Clemens Bauer

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    Software for a Howtek D4000

    It's going to take software to drive the scanner - not simple drivers in Windoze. I know of four packages that will run a D4000 - Aurora, Trident, Silverfast, and Aztek's DPL. Without one of these packages, I doubt you'll be scanning much of anything.

    You can ask more here if you join the group:

    And I think Aztek has a yahoo group setup specifically for their scanners, of which the Howteks are included since they own all that's left of the Howtek scanning business.

    Bruce Watson

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    Software for a Howtek D4000

    i have a d4500, and have been using Silverfast. with Windows XP , you need to make sure you've installed the Adaptec ASPI drivers for your SCSI card (doesn't come with windows xp) adaptec aspi page

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    Software for a Howtek D4000

    I just got a Howtek 4500, am testing it with Silverfast at the moment. I can also drive it with Trident, Aurora, and Polaris (all downloaded from Aztek). I'm running Win2K on this computer, with ASPI drivers installed.

    One thing about SCSI is that you have to sometimes reboot the SCSI card to get it to find the scanner. On my computer that seems to mean turn off the computer (reset button is not enough). I also found out that my old scsi cables were crap, I now have a couple of Sun cables I got second-hand locally.

    Another thing that can be of trouble is the SCSI card. Adaptec 2906 is reputed to cause problems with Howtek scanners, whereas 2930 is supposed to work better. I have a 2902, 2910 and 2930, both 2910 and 2930 seem OK.

    Some people complain that Silverfast loses shadow detail. I configured it to do everything in linear mode - gamma 1.0 HDR 48-bit. This way I am sure that all info from the scanner gets to the file.

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    Software for a Howtek D4000

    I've narrowed it down to Silverfast, every software mentioned here works, except SF. It doesn't seem to "find" the scanner. When performing a prescan SF just displays an error like "Cannot send Command: Set Window". I've already posted this in the SF forums. I'm going to look at the Yahoo group too this evening, just need to sign up.
    Some research showed that there are no drivers needed for the scanner, Silferfast should be able to use it with out one, unlike all the small CCD film-scanners that do need a driver installed, so at least one problem is solved.

    My SCSI card is an Adaptec 2940, I'll try to get a new cable and a differend card that also fits my Power Mac, maybe it works on Apple. But I'm afraid the scanner needs a firmwareupdate, my version is 525 and recent is 535.

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    Software for a Howtek D4000

    You should be able to run the firmware update through the Trident even in demo mode. That's what I did with my 4500. It takes a while - Trident doesn't show any hourglass when doing the update so be patient.

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    Software for a Howtek D4000

    I am using Silverfast 6.0 for my Howtek D 4000. Mac G4, Adaptec 2930 SCSI Card, Mac OS 9. Firmware: 535. It works flawlessly.


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    Software for a Howtek D4000

    I have no problems with Silverfast finding the D4000 with a 2940 card and Windows XP. XP does find 8 or so scanners which is really annoying, but not a problem. I have the 535 firmware and the ASPI driver.

    Anyone have a fix for the multiple scanners found everytime I turn on the system?

    In Silverfast I was having a banding issue in the shadows. I had no such trouble under Aurora on the old Mac, so I figured it was the Silverfast software. Now, after buying DPL, I am not sure it is the software per say, but rather Silverfast by default scanning to much into the shadows. If I set my black point for the three colors to the film base the banding is minimized or eliminated under Silverfast. DPL seems to do this automatically based on film type. I probably should have the scanner serviced, but I can live with its quirks for now, and I think either software will work fine. Anyone want to buy a copy of DPL or Silverfast ;-)

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    Software for a Howtek D4000

    Thanks for all your answers, the firmware update solved the problem.

    Lars, thanks for recommending Trident, it worked very well. I never thought that I could hold my breath and heart-beat for about 5 minutes ;-).

    Larry, there's a fix for Win XP to find 8 scanners. Since there aren't any drivers avaliable and they appearently aren't needed you can install some from a different device, like the UMAX SCSI scanner driver that's integrated in Windows. The driver is just needed to shut Windows up, not to controll anything. You have to do this for all of the 8 scanners, but after that they won't show up as new hardware anymore.
    I've got the banding in SF too, but not just in the shadows. In addition to that it gets really nasty bands at 4000 dpi, with SF and Trident. Maybe I send it to the service center if I ever feel the need for such a high resolution.

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    Software for a Howtek D4000

    Clemens, thanks for the tip. I will give that a try.

    Post an example of the banding. It may not be the same as what I have, but it is possible someone here knows the cause. Some is obviously mechanical, and others are electonic (like mine).

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