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Thread: Readyload light leak/reflection problem

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    Readyload light leak/reflection problem

    I use a second-generation Kodak Readyload holder, expressly designed for the single-sided Readyloads and with the black backing plate. All too often my T-max negatives are afflicted with the same condition: a stripe of overexposure, running fully across the short side of the film, about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the image, i.e., the top of the camera. Sometimes this stripe is little more than two stops brighter than the surrounding film area; sometimes it is blown out. I use a Canham DLC45. I initially suspected that light was leaking in through the Readyload envelopes, but this didn't explain the neat strip of over-exposure. Burning this stripe in can be a real pain, and is often impossible. It's to the point where I am now gun-shy of composing to the edges of the frame.

    My current suspicion is this: that light reflects off of the ridge on the handle-side inside of the Readyload holder, the ridge that helps position and seat the holder into the back. That reflection is then projected onto the film. But then again, in half or more of my negatives, the stripe does not appear at all. Maddening. Has anyone else had this affliction, and if so, how have you remedied it? Thanks.

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    Readyload light leak/reflection problem


    If the black strip is in the position that you described and is of the intensity you described then it is due to a light leak in the holder. It is inconsistent. In all likelihood your holder has graflocks slots - and that is the source of the light leak. Kodak does know about this, and I beta tested fixes for them a couple of years ago. The fix is to take black gaffing tape (either kodak or 3M) and tape the sides of the holders. Simple huh.

    Another problem is more subtle. I and some of my friends have seen this after the new factory was up and running - and we have reported it to Kodak. In the lower half of the negative, i.e. furthest from the notches, will be a light band all the way across the negative. It is about 1/6 of a stop or less. Very visible on a high key print, or after you scan your negative. The last case of readyloads I used the problem was about 7% of the negatives. It is likely due to a light leak in the package equipment that when the equipment is stopped results in a sensitization of the film.

    Hope this helps.


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    Readyload light leak/reflection problem


    I've only tried ready loads once (Fuji Provia) and found this occurred to a certain extent on about 15% of my images. It may have been on more but was not visible on those that were dark on the bottom of the image (vertical format). I used a Polaroid 545 holder. It does not appear to be a light leak - it seems to be some sort of reflection as Mike has described.

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    Readyload light leak/reflection problem

    Hi Davis -

    I experienced the same frustrating phenomenon, and I believe your conclusion about a reflection causing the problem is correct.

    There has been limited discussion about this problem on the forum -- take a look at:

    and I think you might find other threads as well if you search around.

    Some people talk about sanding and painting with flat black paint the offending surface/edge to mitigate the reflection. That might be worth a try.

    My remedy was to call Kodak customer service and describe the problem. A few days later a new holder arrived, which looks identical but does not have the problem -- rather strange.

    Good luck --- Bill

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