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Thread: Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

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    Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

    Haven't asked a ridiculously general question in a while (been focussing on giving ridiculously general advice and answers instead), so here goes. Been contemplating aacquiring a properly robust tripod head for the old Deardorff 8x10. The Ries seems the obvious choice (despite the cost), but I would like to hear what others find preferable. Easy to use and smooth and stable is good. Nothing ultra heavy as will be mostly in the field (but no backbacking). Longest lens is 24" Artar. I use (and like) both the A/S B-1 and the Bogen/Manfrotto 410 on the lighter cameras. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

    I believe Manfrotto discontinued it, but the #3057 head was very stable. It was a large beast, but came with a large mounting plate similar in size to the Ries.

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    Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

    I SERIOUSLY advise that you try out a Ries before purchase. The heads are awkward and the legs are really awkward (hard to level). IMHO they are overkill of 8x10, not worth the hassle and weight. Though very attractive.

    I use and constantly recommend the Gitzo low-profile heads for 8x10. The bigger the platform, the better. And they show up on eBay.

    If you insist on a ballhead and are rich, go for a high-end Arca.

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    Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

    I use a Bogen 3047 on a Bogen 3050 tripod for my Deardorff (longest lens is 19" artar, but I'll rack it all the way out for portraits), but would love to get one of the Gitzo magnesium, low-profile heads.

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    Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

    I don't know what you consider "ultra-heavy" but I used a Bogen 3057 with my Deardorffs. It's no light weight, I think it weighs about 7 pounds, but it is seriously solid. It accepts a fairly large square quick release plate rather than the usual Bogen smallish hexagons or whatever they are.
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    Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

    I just checked an old Manfrotto catalog; the 3057 was listed at 4.4 pounds. My Ries head weighs two pounds.

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    Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

    Also, the 3039 as an upgrade to the 3047. They used to have a large plate that would attach to the hexagonal quick release that would work quite well on the Deardorff. Don't know if it's still available, though.

    I have the magnesium low profile largest Gitzo and have used it for an 8x10 Burke and James. It's very nice. Not a quick release, though. One kind of has to fumble around a bit to attach the camera. If you don't have metal base, the base gets scratched, etc. Still, it's first-rate for an 8x10 field camera, once one attaches the camera.

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    Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

    No recommendation here - however a couple words of caution. The hex plate on many of the Manfrotto products is not solid, the camera is allowed to wiggle around with it, even latched hard. Also, taller heads put more stress on the tripod ( more leverage ) and thus require more tripod strength to keep things still. Best to check the plates and heads in-person to see what you think. If somebody could build a new plate for the Manfrotto heads and make sure that all the dribbly paint is machined off smooth, they might be better.

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    Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

    Definitely the Gitzo 1520M magnesium low-profile pan/tilt head. It has a huge platform, is very smooth in all its motions, and only weighs about 2 1/2 lbs. The more recent versions of this head have newer textured ball type grips instead of the old style gitzo canoe-paddle handles. Much better. The 1520 head sells for about $250 full retail, but if you shop around carefully you can find them new-old-stock or only slightly used for under $200.

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    Tripod Head for Deardorff 8x10

    I was against Reis until MS showed me how to use one. You don't tighten the leg movements all
    the way, and have the front leg at least 8 inches longer than the other two. As far as the head goes, they're ok, and when you are using the legs for a lot of the tilt, almost irrelevant.

    I have used an A/S B-1 on a Reis, and it works well also. Like many other things, everybody has
    an opinion.

    Now if we only had three political parties.

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