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Thread: photography

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    Re: photography

    At this forum we all do Large Format Photography. Large Format Photography is a very contemplative passtime. So contemplative that sometimes it takes 6 months to think of an answer to a question. That means we only make two images each year with average sales being 1 image every four years. Our pensions earned from doing real jobs for the last 40 years, pay for the materials and cameras. This means that you have at least 40 years to think about it before making any final decisions on which camera to buy.
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    Re: photography

    "Wouldn't work for any of us here of course, but it's worth a try..." Because we're all used to no nookie, Chris?

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    Re: photography

    Wow, Alissa's post is back from the dead.

    I think we're just preaching to the choir here.

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    Re: photography

    Except for the cute responses, the thread would be deleted as an obvious troll. It probably doesn't warrant resurrection in the future, however.

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