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Thread: 11x14 film holder identification

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    11x14 film holder identification

    I am trying to identify two 11x14 film holders I recently purchased. They are in terrific condition, constructed of wood and painted black. The retaining tab "piece" is made of metal and is screwed to the holder with two flat slotted screws on either end of the "piece." The t-depth of the holders appears to be .355" +/- .005". I can find no identifying marks anywhere on the holders or the darkslides. Any help would be appreciated.

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    11x14 film holder identification

    I don't know the answer but am curious. Is the light trap in a different place, slightly in from the top and narrower, and are they wider than the more common "Sterling" style 11X14 holders. If so they would fit my Seneca and I have Sterling holders to trade 3 of mine for 2 of yours.
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    11x14 film holder identification


    What you have may be Burk and James holders. I have two B&J holders and they both have metal plates over the light traps as you describe and the center piece between the dark slide handles are held on with three round top, flat head, brass screws (instead of tiny nails, brads, tacks or whatever they should be called). They are the same in almost every other way as my Kodak/Folmar-s.../Graphlex/Sterling holders. Also what you describe does not sound like the old Korona holder that I have. I have no experience with Seneca holders that Jim describes, but I wish that I did cause three for two is a good deal.

    I am assuming that what you have are vintage holders. Do you believe that they are vintage or of more recent construction?
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    11x14 film holder identification

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the information, my holders match that description quite well.


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    11x14 film holder identification

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the offer, but I don't have what you need. The holders are "Sterling" type folders, but don't match any I have otherwise seen. The only non-Sterling 11x14 type holder I have is for an Empire State camera.


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