I just got back from a presentation given by Charles Cramer in Winnemucca, NV during 'Shooting the West' conference. The highlight for me was that he displayed (side by side) the same image printed several different ways: traditional dye transfer, digital dye transfer, cibachrome, lightjet, epson 9800, and hp 130. For my eyes, the digital dye transfer and the lightjets looked the best with cibachrome and epson 9800 coming in a very close third/fourth. BUT if you didn't have them side by side you'd have a very tough time picking a favorite - they where all very close to each other.

He also had the same bw image printed in a darkroom (selenium toned), next to one made with his Epson 9800 (K3 inks) on the new crane museo silver rag paper, and it was an exact copy as far as my eyes could tell.

He's a good speaker and entire presentation was well done and informative. It only cost $50 for the day. I felt I definitely got my money's worth.