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Thread: Luminous Landscape P45/Linhof 679

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    Luminous Landscape P45/Linhof 679

    I 'm not a frequent reader of the Luminous Landscape, but I logged on to it and found this quite amazing page:

    If you haven't read the page, he bought a 6x9 Linhof geared monorail and a high-end digital back in order to do architecture. He also plans on taking it to Africa, etc., to replace his medium format SLR on his photo excursions.

    I think I will be reading his site regularly for a while. Until he bails on the Linhof, anyway. I've never quite cottoned to his prose style, his gear obsessions, or his photographs, but this should be fascinating. I'd be willing to bet that he sells the Linhof by July based on my knowledge of him, but until then I can't wait to hear what it's like to use this thing in the field.

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    Luminous Landscape P45/Linhof 679

    You are two days too late. Try this thread:

    Bruce Watson

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    Luminous Landscape P45/Linhof 679

    " Hello:

    As a matter of curiosity, I weighed my 21/32MP (Brownlow) Arca outfit - 6x9FC, binocular viewer, 20cm rail, Horseman back, 80mm Xenotar, all in noname pack + Gitzo 2220 with head - and it is 8.5lb vs 31lb for the digital setup.

    yours Frank

    --Frank Johnston 2006-03-09 13:37 PST "

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    Luminous Landscape P45/Linhof 679

    Interestingly he (MR), has an exhibition in Toronto at this time, of his latest work from China and Antarctica.
    This exhibition is sponsored by Canon and features about 15 prints.

    The largest and most impressive print is one of a glacier and mountain taken in Antarctica, the print is something like 20x30, and stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of image quality.

    It turns out that that image was made using the medium format digital back and possibly this LF kit.

    Michael Reichmann as a LF admirer, take a lot of guts I guess........when Canon is your sponsor.

    BTW there is nothing at the exhibit to indicate that that image was NOT taken with Canon gear.

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    Luminous Landscape P45/Linhof 679


    MR is making an argument for view cameras and carefull considered photographs. As many have noted the kit is elaborate. How big would a LF rig, with film holders (4), of 32lb be assuming a modern lightweight design?


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    Luminous Landscape P45/Linhof 679

    32 lbs sounds like at least an 8x10 kit complete with multiple lenses and a half-dozen or more film holders. Maybe even an 11x14.

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    Luminous Landscape P45/Linhof 679

    I apologize for missing the previous thread, which has since devolved into an appreciation of Arri whirr noises.

    My 8x10 kit, when it was ultralight, weighed in at about 22# without the tripod. This includes the ubiquitous (and not maligned nearly enough) 6.25" Wolly, a 355 G-Claron, some filters, wrenches, meter, 4 filmholders, and my camera---a Gowland, by the way, which weighs less than the miniature Linhof! I now carry 6 filmholders and soon will receive a Nikkor tele, which should bring the weight up to nearly 30#, in the range of Reichmann's kit.

    Weight is one of the things I find most fascinating about Reichmann's digital back, because while it's relatively easy to come up with an 8x10 kit that weighs as much as his, it would be tough for me to get together a 4x5 outfit that weighed 32#. 4x5 filmholders don't weigh that much, the lenses don't come in #3 shutters, and much as I would like a Sinar X I doubt I'd try to put one in a backpack.

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    Luminous Landscape P45/Linhof 679

    I am betting that he is including the complete kit, i.e., the tripod, pack, lunch, everything.

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