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Thread: PC Mag review of Epson 700

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    PC Mag review of Epson 700,1895,1931776,00.asp

    Not very informative, but something.

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    PC Mag review of Epson 700

    interesting that they claimed better performance from the cannon 9950f...

    "One of our test slides, which has a dark tree line against a light sky, provides a demanding test for dynamic range. The V700 did better than most scanners at retaining detail in dark and light areas, although it didn't do quite as well as our Editors' Choice, the Canon CanoScan 9950F."

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    PC Mag review of Epson 700

    I would not take this too seriously. Having followed some of their recomendations in the past, their standards are not those of LF photographers nor do they ever display much real scanning software knowledge. Wait for tests by someone who is an experienced LF person like Ellis Venner when he does his tests.

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    PC Mag review of Epson 700

    Ted Harris is also trying to get his hands on these new Epson scanners to include them in his scanner test. That should give us a better answer than the one from PC Mag. In any case it is encouraging to see Epson bring out new scanners at all !

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    PC Mag review of Epson 700

    What Kirk said. It's essentially the IT people doing tests for dual purpose equipment from an IT perspective. Another big angle is that advertizing is everything for commercial magazines such as PC Mag. That's how they make their living. Subscriptions and newstands sales are just icing on the cake.

    Who advertises, when and how much has a huge influence on anything that apears in any such magazine. Or anything that doesn't apear, for that matter. From that perspective, I'm pretty sure the V700 will do better than 9950F once/if it becomes the next Editor's Choice.

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    PC Mag review of Epson 700

    Kirk and marko nailed IT...

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    Doug Dolde

    PC Mag review of Epson 700

    Vincent just started a review at

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