One of the problems of using a Packard shutter is that you need to get tha air to operate it from the outsdide into the interior of the camera. I have seen this done rather untidily several times. The user drills a hole in the lensboard or the front of the camera and sticks the tube through it along with a glob of some sort of sealing goo.

To do the job neatly, and more reliably, you need a gimmick called a "bulkhead fitting". They used to be widely available as military surplus, but I haven't seen this for awhile. They are, however, available commercially. There are probably several sources, but the one I know about is McMaster-Carr. Though a big wholesale outfit, they are apparently willing to sell single items, and without any minimum price. Their website is and their part number is 44555 K121.

The fittings are made of brass, very appropriate for a Deardorff or Korona. The body of the fitting is threaded and a nut secures it in place. The threaded area is long enough to allow for about 1/2" (12mm) thickness. You just shove the tubing over each end. I wouldn't expect clamps to be necessary. With this arrangement you can pull the tubing on the outside off when putting the camera away if desired.

Usual disclaimer - no, I have no connection with McMaster-Carr except as an occasional satisfied customer.