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Thread: Database (light & simple) for Negative scans

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    Database (light & simple) for Negative scans

    With several filmboxs stacked with unsorted negatives of various size, type etc.. Some filing system must be established.. Searching did not give any useful hints..

    I would need a simple database to store a low res "contact print" and several keywords, shooting data etc.. not to forget useful searching.. I donít (think) I need a full bells whistles program.. but how knows?


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    Database (light & simple) for Negative scans


    Cheap and works well. You can run your scanner software from it and batch in 35mm scans, i.e., scan 36 at a time and have them imported, named, and info added to them. I scanned in about 1000 35mm and 120 images dating back to my high school days, plus I have about 550 4x5 images (small jpegs) cataloged so far. It will also handle your digicam images directly. I think I have about 7000 images in it so far, and it runs fine.

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