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Thread: weird light leaks

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    weird light leaks

    Has anyone had film that looks like this?

    ive used these holders before and gotten the corner flare thing,but it wasnt fogged and negative ruining like this problem... about 80% of the borders on this film is fogged this time on almost every sheet (i shot 8 sheets and they almost all came out like this)

    Is this a problem with me not putting the holder in the back snug? something else?

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    weird light leaks

    Have you checked your darkroom/changing bag for light leaks recently? Those don't look in-camera to me...
    If a contact print at arm's length is too small to see, you need a bigger camera. :D

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    weird light leaks

    Refix the negatives with fresh fixer. The second negative looks like it may have had the corner
    of another sheet lying on to of it preventing fixation. The first negative shows a similar effect near the gentleman's nose extending to the right. Be sure that you're using new film strength fixer , and fix with
    agitation for 10 min. The "long" time won't hurt anything.

    If that doesn't cure the problem, develop and fix an unexposed sheet to determine if the film in the box was fogged. Post the results.


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    weird light leaks

    What Mike said sounds right to me looking at the images - are there any others from this group?

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    weird light leaks

    I had a hard time with similar light leaks on my 45A toyo last year. I (thought) had checked the bellows for leaks and found none. So I thought it was how the Quickload holder, I was leaving on a trip and had no time to fix things so I made sure that I covered the back of the camera with the BTZS focusing hood. When I started having the Velvia developed, at least 1/3 had similar fogging. I took another look with a powerful flashlight inside the camera in a dark room and almost every corner of the bellows had a leak! It looked like a planetarium projector. I tried some "rubber" paint to ne avail so I replaced the Belows ($170.00). Everything is fine now. Doudle check your bellows!

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    weird light leaks


    Assuming you fixed correctly

    The first photo looks like a faulty holder light trap, but it could be something else, like...

    The second picture looks as if the back of the camera were pulled open a bit when removing or replacing the dark slide. I've done this a time or two before and this is exactly what it looked like. This can also happen when the holder is not seated correctly.

    I now hold the spring back to the back of the camera between forefinger and thumb when removing/replacing darkslide just to avoid this.

    That said, do check you bellows, front standard, back and lensboard for light leaks, and your holders as well. If you have a holder that consistently leaks light... well, you know what to do.


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    weird light leaks

    I developed 3 sheets, 1 from the box, 1 from a fresh load since the problem, and 1 from the holders where I didnt use the changing bag...I determined It was the changing bag... pretty the whole half of the box is must have leaked from the arm holes somehow.

    Anyone recommend some decent 8x10 changing bags? This one is way too small anyways...

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    weird light leaks

    Get a Harrison Jumbo tent. I've used mine out in the blazing New Mexico sun and no problems. Plenty of room for 8x10.

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    weird light leaks

    I'm glad you found the problem, bummer you may have lost unexposed film. I had similar problems with my camera and found the camera back had come apart ever so slightly and was letting just a little light in. I have an old burke and james grover and the wood came unglude just a little bit at a joint. I injected a little glue and clamped it for a few hours. No more light leaks. It only took my 6 months to find that one. I narrowed it down to the camera in a day or so the rest was try this and see sort of thing.

    Take care
    Bob Oehler

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    weird light leaks

    It's stories like this that made me choose quickloads over changing bags, manual holders and all that. Your cost savings will go in a hurry with this sort of thing going on.

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