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Thread: ATV's and landscape photography?

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    ATV's and landscape photography?


    I've defined the direction I'm going in for my future landscape journeys - bought a new 2005 Airstream 22' Safari travel trailer. Got the cart before I own the horse, but the deal I got on it didn't allow for procrastination - or logic. Now wrestling with best tow vehicle.

    Thinking of a Ford F-250 diesel because:
    Great towing capacity - trailer weight is less than 5,000#'s loaded.
    Could put an ATV in the back of the truck bed!!

    Thus, my question is have any folks made good use of an ATV to get to more remote sites to photograph?

    Are there a lot of restrictions against ATV's at National/State Parks that would make it just dead weight in the truck rather than a usefull tool?

    Any favorite models/brands those of you who have tried this route liked?

    As always, thanks in advance,

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    ATV's and landscape photography?

    This is going to be a fun thread. Thanks for livening things up around here...

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    ATV's and landscape photography?

    Best ATV I use are my two legs. Why burn gasoline when you don't have to?

    In fact when I do landscapes I pack an ATV 105 mm recoilless rifle to get them out of my image.

    Same thing I do when sea kayaking, I bring along a torpedo to take out all "jet" skis.

    When snowshoeing, I always pack a snowmobile RGP.

    Ha ha ha.

    Frankly, I hate the sound of ATVs. Their muffler system is designed for teenage boys who need to get in touch with their anal side. If they were quiet, and didn't tear up the land, I wouldn't have a problem.

    Good luck on your hunt for the perfect LF ATV. I know you get good advice from this group, just not from me. Sorry.

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    ATV's and landscape photography?

    Let me add that at 59 years old I'm not out "tearing up" the environment. I'm thinking more of an ATV's usefullness to get me to spots that are way beyond the hiking limits of my body, and doing it with care.


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    ATV's and landscape photography?

    I'm with Walter with this issue. I would not like to start war, but before you decide, try to read this article. And if you decide to use one, don't complain about ATV tracks in your compositions!


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    ATV's and landscape photography?

    It will totally depend on where you are, but you're right there are restrictions or outright bans on those at most parks. It probably would be best to draw up a list of places you are likely to go and get on the web and go look at Nat'l Forest/Park policies. Motorized vehicles are usually banned from all wilderness areas.

    I personally think that they are noisy and very distracting to others around who might actually be there for some peace and quiet. But where ATVs are allowed, I'm guessing, the contemplative types are going to be far away.

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    ATV's and landscape photography?

    Jack, buy the quietest one. Some designs are more oriented towards on the job mobility, rather than off-road racing, and run very quietly.

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    ATV's and landscape photography?

    I'm 67 years old and i'm not into tearing up the environment either...thats why I will not own or operate a ATV nor a Jet Ski. Don't get me started on these environmental disasters. And No! I'm not a tree hugger...I do hope you enjoy your Airstream. Richard

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    ATV's and landscape photography?

    Hey - it's a free market - if you want to tear around on an ATV - go ahead and do it.

    (but I do hope none of the naysayers drive a honking great SUV or Truck full of camera gear to the National Park Car Park before complaining about those nasty stinky noisy ATV's...)

    If you want to complain, at least drive a hybrid :-)
    You'd be amazed how small the demand is for pictures of trees... - Fred Astaire to Audrey Hepburn blog

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    ATV's and landscape photography?

    I see ATVs as comparable to those people who talk loudly during a movie.

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