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Thread: Mountain biking with LF

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    Mountain biking with LF

    Has anyone any suggestions re transporting a field camera (Horseman FA), 3 lenses, tripod and associated kit by (no suspension) mountain bike?

    I will not be tacking any very rough terrain, and currently walk with a CCS backpack and carry the tripod in my hand. I have tried cycling with the backpack on, and holding the tripod, but this is unstable and unconfortable. Are there any ideas or gadgets out there?

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    Mountain biking with LF

    There is a trailer made for mountain bikes which goes by the name of BOB trailers (short for Beast Of Burden). I suggest entering that into a google search.

    I'm going to buy one for myself eventually because they look ideal for the application. There is a model which has a shock absorber built into it.


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    Mountain biking with LF

    I'd invest in a lot of padding, too!

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    Mountain biking with LF

    Do you have a rack on the back of the bike? I have a Blackman rack and on the left side I used hose clamps to attach a piece of 1 1/2 plastic pipe. I slip one leg of the tripod in the tube and a small bungee on the bottom holds the other two legs in tight. I've used this over ten years without a problem. However at my age I try not to do anything too stupid on the bike. A foam padded bike bag velcros on top and camera gear goes inside. I've used this with my Crown Graphic and that's bigger than my Horseman HD so it should work. I have not jumped off cliff's in Moab so YMMV.

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    Mountain biking with LF

    Hehe, I thought that the origional BOB stood for Beer on Board - hence a design that will tightly cradle 1 keg. In any event, I am not sure if it would be such a grand idea. Even the version with a shock on it won't be plush enough to handle the vibration of a typical mountain trail. I suppose that you could change the spring rate, but then you would run the risk of bottoming out. It would be OK for the tripod and associated items, but as far as the camera body and lenses go, I would leave them on your back.

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    Mountain biking with LF

    I use a kiddie trailer right now. It has a suspension of sorts, and it's fine for gravel roads, fire roads and such, but I'm going to switch to a rear rack for the tripod and a backpack for the camera gear.

    One thing I will say in favor of the kiddie trailer is that it swallows a Bogen 3036 without difficulty, and has a rain flap.

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    Mountain biking with LF

    Get a quad bike.

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    Mountain biking with LF

    I regularly used my mountain bike to get to trailheads in Yosemite, early on strapping the tripod under the frame with my camera in waist pack. It was much better when I got myself a LowePro Super Trekker, which is designed to carry a tripod as well. This was a terrific way to go, especially since many of the trailheads were off roads that were closed to vehicles, except buses. The trailer idea also works well, especially if you don't leave pavement. In fact for photographers visiting the park, I often recommend they rent a bike with trailer in the park to haul their gear.

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    Mountain biking with LF

    I carry my loaded f/64 backpack on my road bike. It has a buckle strap across the back, and I added another strap at the top handle; the two of them hold my tripod strapped to to back of the pack nicely.

    Don't overdo it and hurt your back.

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    Mountain biking with LF

    I use the mountain bike Mogoose Alta and my Horseman FA+3 lenses and very often.
    Suggestion: Horseman and lenses better to carry in backpack (mini trekker in my case). Tripod could be on the rack. I avoid the contact between tripod and frame they will damage it other..
    Anyway mountain bike is irreplaceable in forests, on the sea shore.
    Dmitri Orlov

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