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Thread: G Claron 150 types

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    G Claron 150 types

    I would like to know if there are two types of G-Claron 150 around (one that stops down at F 64 and another that stops down at f 45) and, if this is the case, if the difference can be noticed in a final B&W print 8x10.

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    G Claron 150 types

    Both barrel and in-shutter 150mm g clarons stop down to 64.

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    G Claron 150 types

    There are two versions of the G-Claron. The earlier type consists of six elements, all cemented, while the later version is airspaced. There are differing minimum apertures by focal length. Only the 150mm is limited to f64. The larger sizes go down to f90. If there are exceptions to this I haven't run across them, though makers do sometimes make minor changes without much notice.

    As to whether or not you could see the difference in a print, there are two factors to consider. First would be a need for depth of field that couldn't be reduced by use of tilts and swings, Secondly, f64 is well below the lenses optimum aperture, and in the region where diffraction becomes a significant factor. Whether or not this would be noticeable in an 8X10 print might depend on fine detail in the subject. Unless dictated by extreme depth of field needs, such very small apertures would, I think, be avoided by most workers.

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    G Claron 150 types

    Ernest is right on the two versions, the older Dagor-Type has a litte bit more coverage than the second Plasmat-Type. Both fit shutter 1.

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    G Claron 150 types

    Both fit shutter 1
    Then there must be a 3rd type G-Claron 150 that fits shutter 0, see here

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    G Claron 150 types

    Hening, there's a typo or look-up error.

    If you'll go to and look at the three G-Claron .pdfs (7/76, for the Dagor type; 5/82 and 8/98 for the plasmat) you'll see that all three say the 150/9 G-Claron goes in a #0. Kerry copied correctly.


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