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Thread: Best Vehicle & Camper for photo field work?

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    Re: Best Vehicle & Camper for photo field work?

    What a neat thread... we turned to RVing vacations with our kids a few years ago -- almost on a whim. Been kicking ourselves that we didn't do this earlier. We pull a 27 ft 5th wheel with a Chevy 4x4 diesel crew cab (filled with kids and beagles). It's great, if I want to get up early to shoot, we're usually not too far and everyone else can sleep in while I take the pickup.

    As the oldest is heading to college we are starting to think about our next approach -- leaning towards a truck camper, though my non-photographer husband is concerned there won't be enough room for both of us and my photo gear . Those Sportsmobile conversions are really nice, though.


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    Re: Best Vehicle & Camper for photo field work?

    How about a nice, petite, 6x6 off-road motorhome?

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    Re: Best Vehicle & Camper for photo field work?

    I better brag about my vehicle too. It is an italian IVECO built in Bolzano/ Bonzen like the DURST enlargers. It is a 4x4 with diffrential locks on both axis. It has a 2,8 liter turbo intercooler diesel engin that gives you 20 miles to the gallon if you go ease on the throttle. It seats 8 +the driver and there are some 25 squere feet of cargo space in the back. You can take your tripod and 8x10 up on the roof rack if you need a high vantage point.

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