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Thread: Digital negative services

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    Digital negative services

    Is there anyone out there providing enlarged digital negative services? I'd like to send out my in camera neg have it scanned, cleaned up (dust removed), enlarged to specified size and D max, then returned ready for printing. I'm think'n a couple hundred big? Any help is appreciated.

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    Digital negative services

    Are you talking about alternative processes ? Works great. If you are thinking along the lines of say, having a 35mm neg upped to 4x5 for enlarger printing, I think you will be disappointed.

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    Digital negative services

    Sending in a film negative and expecting an enlarged film negative coming back will be expensive, but probably not a couple hundred big.

    Send in a film negative and getting back a piece of lithographic film to your exact dimensions will be far less. The process for creating digital negatives is commonly done for alternative processes where a contact negative is required. There is a business in Santa Fe, NM that does it. Can't remember the name, but it is recommended by Dan Burkholder.

    If you are competent with Photoshop and have a good photo grade printer, you can create a digital negative yourself.

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    Digital negative services

    I looked into making enlarged negatives for contact prints awhile back. While I didn't follow through, (I bought an enlarger instead) I concluded the best solution would be to send the negative to the folks at DR5 reverse-processes B+W negative film, and can enlarge a B+W negative to another B+W negative without the intermediate step of creating an internegative. They have a lot of experience at this, and claim to be able to provide an enlarged negative with much greater fidelity to the original than other processes. Check them out ... and let us know if you use them.

    Sanders McNew (

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