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Thread: "Notebook" back, kind of...

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    "Notebook" back, kind of...

    Many thanks for the kindness and consideration of those who have posted in response to my apology. I have rethought my decision NOT to publish my Photographers Notebook series. I have modified my plan which I think will be more valuable to the readers here. I will publish four or five paragraph 'bullets' on a single subject, giving my opinion and thoughts on issues that I think are relevant and hopefully will be thought provoking.

    To those who wanted me to write a book....forget it. This is not a forum where you are going to be terribly interested in the time I was jumped by Mig-17's flying recon, or my getting custody of my kids after a divorce, and having to sell my studio to be a good dad. That's nonsense for this board, so I am going to edit my opinions and commentary on things that I think are 'meat'...not salad.

    First post, within 24 hrs. Photographers Notebook, Note #1. P.S. Don't bother challenging me or flaming me. I still have two Nomex flight suits in my closet...and the comments are my opinion only. NOT gospel. If you want to argue,.....argue with yourselves. Wish me luck. "Fresh Eyes", Richard.

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    Dave Karp
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    "Notebook" back, kind of...

    Good luck, and thanks.

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    "Notebook" back, kind of...

    Richard, feel free to tell whatever stories you want. I'll be happy to read them all.

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    "Notebook" back, kind of...

    Thank you, and good luck.

    You write, and I'll read

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