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Thread: Workshop poll

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    Workshop poll

    Take me on vacation and I'll give you a private workshop.

    The Point on Lake Placid would be a nice place to start...

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    Workshop poll

    I thought Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee's workshop was excellent. I got a lot from it and I think their price is pretty good also. Close to philadelphia.

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    Workshop poll

    I took Howard Bond's darkroom workshop (ann Arbor, Mich). There isn't much he doesn't know about printing, and he's a good teacher besides.

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    Workshop poll

    I see you are on the east cost I would subject Richard Ritter for a large format workshop. You would be learning in a setting that is similar to the area in which you live. Also who better to take a large format workshop from, then one of the best in the field, just look at the glowing report about Richard. He just doesnít repair camera he is also a very fine photographer. I took a one on one with him before he started doing workshop and he knows what he is doing. Iím going to take another one from him this year.

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    Workshop poll

    I've only taken John Sexton's workshops, so can't compare them to any others, but found John to be a fantastic teacher and a wonderful human being with a great sense of humor. The intro printing workshop took my rather weak printing skills to a whole new level--like night and day. I have also taken his advanced printing workshop and the Southwestern field workshop from him (I was impressed enough to keep going back for more) all were well worth the expense, actually underpriced for what I got out of them.

    I have heard (no direct experience) that Bruce Barnbaum can be a bit harsh in portfolio review sessions, so those that don't take criticism well might not be the best place.

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    Workshop poll

    I can wholeheartedly reccomend the fine focus workshop with Richard Ritter and Bruce Barlow.
    They are good people and your time is well spent. Tillman Crane also runs a great workshop but you might have to travel a bit further for that.

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