Greetings all,

A friend of mine is looking at buying the following enlarger package:

Zone VI 5X7 Variable Contrast Cold Light Enlarger
Schneider Componon-S 100mm f5.6 and 150mm f5.6 lenses
35mm, 6X7 and 4X5 neg carriers; 2 columns; lens board and focus extension; baseboard
Beseler Digi-timer

I think it's a great deal at CDN$2,000 but am wondering how easy it will be to find a 5x7 carrier for this setup. How about bulbs? Service (in Canada?) I understand Calumet in the US is now the distributor for these enlargers and all things Zone VI?

Does anyone on this forum have a similar setup and what's your impression of it? Likes, dislikes?

Lastly, what are the differences in printing with a cold light head and the standard heads?

Any comments?

Thanks in advance.