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Thread: Historical Photographers

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    Historical Photographers


    This thread prompted me to re-watch "Tombstone"

    In Kurt Russell's western revisionist view of things, Fly's Photo Studio sure get shot up a bit at the OK Corral. There is also a scene of Earp's love interest having a boudoir photograph taken by Fly!

    So I guess the filmakers certainly heard of him.

    Tim A

    PS, if you are going to take up a rephotographic project of old western photographs, you might need to get one of those Sam Elliott type moustaches though...
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    Historical Photographers

    Bill, If you are a photographer of the desert then you need to take a trip to Tombstone, AZ. Camilis S. Fly had a studio in Tombstone near the OK Coral. It has been restored with many of his famous photographs in the surrounding area on exhibit. Fly accompanied the US Calvary to photograph the capture of Geronimo, his son Chappo Geronimo and the warriors he led in battle against the settlers of the West. Gernimo & his warriors were then imprisoned at Ft. Pickens on Santa Rosa Island near Pensacola Fl. Many of the indians died there due to the harsh climate and were moved to Mt. Vernon, AL where it was a little milder. Geronimo and the surviving indians were later returned to reservations in the West. Chappo Geronimo died at Mr. Vernon and is now buried in a National Military Cemetary in Mobile, AL. Fly's historical photographs of the surrender of Geronimo are probably his most famous.

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