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Thread: Arizona Photographic Galleries

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    Arizona Photographic Galleries


    I live right on the border of Utah/Arizona at Lake Powell.

    I was wondering if someone could update me on "local" brick and mortar galleries that are currently displaying large format photography. I have been looking at photographs on this monitor for so long; I may have forgotten what a real photograph looks like.

    I remember in years past that a large format print is a real treat.


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    Arizona Photographic Galleries

    Hi, JD!

    Though I must admit I am not familiar with any galleries in that area, I wonder if you'd had the chance to see Epson's traveling exhibit of their American scenes from around the country. The exhibit featured Epson inkjet prints of all sizes, of scenes photographed throughout the country by professional photographers using medium format transparency film and scanned into computers then printed on printers of various sizes up to 44" wide.

    I saw the exhibit while on a business trip to Chicago about three or four years ago at Navy Pier, and it was one of the most moving and delightful collections of photography I'd seen. I know what you mean about seeing so many images on monitors rather than in person--this was a memorable event for me.

    Regards, and Happy New Year!

    Jim Quinn
    Longview, TX

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    Doug Dolde

    Arizona Photographic Galleries

    There are several in Springdale, Utah near the entrance to Zion and in Sedona as well.

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    Arizona Photographic Galleries

    Michael Fatali and David Petit (at the Best Western Driftwood) in Springdale, Utah. Last time I was in Kanab Terry Alderman had a gallery/camera shop. Tom Till in Moab.

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    Arizona Photographic Galleries

    Isn't Michael Fatali having a fire sale?

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