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Thread: should inkjet prints be dry mounted?

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    should inkjet prints be dry mounted?

    Are there any likely adverse effects on dry mounting inkjet prints?

    Will heat affect paper?

    Will heat affect colour?

    Whats the recommended temp for mounting inkjet paper?

    Would it be better to just hang it using gummed hinges?

    Do gum hinges stick to the back of inkjet paper as well as they do to fibre based paper?

    Anything else I should know?


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    should inkjet prints be dry mounted?

    personally I think they should be taken to a taxidermist before mounting...

    But here's a thread on this I found with a simple search

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    should inkjet prints be dry mounted?

    Ah, well I just got my first digi print(I can say that now that I'm a confirmed heretic) back from my local print shop and as it was hot off the press, so to speak, I just rushed into the question.
    Taxidermist? What a great idea, the formaldehyde would increase its archival properties beyond that of all current papers.

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    should inkjet prints be dry mounted?

    Rob, On small prints on a decent thick rag paper, I don't worry about flatness and don't bother DM. But I have dry mounted many larger mat archival pigment ink prints with no adverse affects. I have no experience with glossy prints.

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    should inkjet prints be dry mounted?

    I doubt that anyone can answer your questions with authority but I've done it and I'll do it again. But who knows how they'll really stand up?

    I've dry mounted glossy and matte color inkjets and matte piezo prints. I used Seal Colormount tissue at 195-200 degrees for two minutes (I think) -- what ever the package called for. No problems in the mounting work at all, just be sure the prints are dry. I looked at some of mine earlier today and after 4-5 years in boxes, viewed occasionally - they still seem fine.

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    should inkjet prints be dry mounted?

    Thanks, this is what I wanted to hear.

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    should inkjet prints be dry mounted?

    Henry, I'm not sure if I would recommend the Seal Colormount tissue. It's a porous tissue and could be prone to allowing transmittal of contaminants.....although I can't say I've seen any tests to prove this. I don't use it, but people that I know who do don't seem to have any problems with it.

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