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Thread: Locking Exposure with SilverFast

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    Locking Exposure with SilverFast

    If it is already warmed warmed up, then it's probably not the lamp output changing and you should not need to do any warmup passes.

    Have you done an "Eveness" type scan? Easy to do with reflected light - set a sheet of white paper on the bed and do a scan and bump up the contrast to see where there is light fall-off and where the scanner "sweet spot" is. Kind of like testing your enlarge/enlarger lens for fall-off on the easel by printing onto high contrast paper. Not sure what you could put in the bed to do this? A piece of ND acetate? I suspect a sheet of Lee theatrical filter would work well for this.

    Are you trying to butt the two scans together end to end? What about having some overlap and then feathering in the two scan? That could help hide any minor differences in density...

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    Locking Exposure with SilverFast


    I have not done a test for eveneness. Will think about how to do that.

    In stitching I don't butt end to end. I overlap one layer over the other and then smooth the edges with the eraser tool set with foreground to white. This makes the meeting area absolutley seamless, unless there is significant difference in density between the two layers.

    Actually I must have clicked on something today that corrected the problem this morning when I was looking at the various tools trying to figure out what was going. All of my scans today have been almost perfectly even with the first and second scan. But I can not figure what I did to correct the problem, other than changing back to color matrix from the tubes and setting tolerance back to the mid-range.

    I appreciate all the suggestions. Some good ideas in there for consistency.
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